Who are VARJ?

The Victorian Association for Restorative Justice (VARJ) represents restorative practitioners, thinkers and policy makers in Victoria. The aim of the Association is to promote and support best practice in all forms of restorative practice. VARJ formed as an Incorporated Association in April 2005 in acknowledgment of the increasing use of restorative practices in criminal justice, child protection and school disciplinary systems.

VARJ is professional association for individuals and organisations utilising restorative justice and restorative practices. While it is the values and philosophies of restorative justice that underpin restorative practices, the common feature of restorative approaches is to bring together the group of individuals affected by a particular issue in an attempt to resolve both the practical and the emotional impacts of the issue.

The restorative philosophy is, in essence, that the negative effects that people and incidences have on other people are not primarily issues of criminality or personal deficiency, but issues of interpersonal human relationships.

VARJ Committee for 2014-15:

President and Worplace liaison: David Moore, Principal Consultant at Primed Change Consulting - president@varj.asn.au

Vice-president and Accreditation coordinator: Dr Alikki Vernon, Lecturer, Faculty of Business, Economics and LawLa Trobe Law School

Secretary and Education liaison: David Vinegrad, Principal at Behaviour Matters - secretary@varj.asn.au

Treasurer and Education liaison: Marg Armstrong, Principal at Just Practices

Memberships officer: Michael Mitchell, Conciliation Officer and Mediator

Website and communicationsNigel Will Polak, Principal at Eternal Consulting and Melbourne Relationship Coaching & Counselling

Regional alliances coordinator: Sandra Hamilton, Chair, Central Victorian Restorative Justice Alliance

Workplace liaison: Anne-Marie McFadyen, Principal Consultant Develop Resolve, ResolutionsRTK/Converge

Justice liaison: Mary Polis, Manager Policy & Research, Centre for Innovative JusticeRMIT University

Justice liaison: Kerry Walker, Director, Neighbourhood Justice CentreCollingwood

Committee Member: Carolyn Worth, Manager, South Eastern Centre Against Sexual Assault

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