Advantages and Benefits

Advantages of Restorative Justice

For Offenders:

  • Uses age and developmentally appropriate dynamics to change the young person's thinking and behaviour;
  • Focuses on addressing offending behaviour in a pragmatic and respectful manner;
  • Models socially appropriate solutions to conflict;
  • Avoids excessive and longer term criminal justice interventions;
  • Encourages the family, family group and/or significant others to support their young person;
  • Enables the young person to contribute to an outcome plan;
  • Allows for reparation to the victim directly or indirectly where appropriate; and
  • Facilitates an opportunity for restoration to the family, family group and reintegration within the community.

For an Offenders Family/Community Group:

  • Enables effective participation in the decision-making and planning process;
  • Shares the responsibility for supporting the young person with other members of his/her support network; and
  • Examines the impact of the young person's offending on his/her family/family group.


  • Allows for active participation in the justice process;
  • Reduces the cost of follow-up counseling through facilitating a 'healing" resolution ;
  • Enables victims to benefit from reparation where appropriate; and
  • Consults victims in a respectful and non-adversarial manner.

The Wider Community:

  • Provides an opportunity for a diverse range of relationships to form.
  • Promotes healing and a restoration of harmony in the community.

The Justice System:

  • Offers an alternative sentencing and diversion option to the courts;
  • Promotes improved victim satisfaction with the justice process; and
  • Promotes the community's trust in the justice system.

Cultural Diversity:

  • Recognizes and responds to cultural diversity.
  • Encourages the involvement of family members and other significant members of the offender's community.
  • Takes advantage of resources and networks that are already available in the family and community.

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