Best Practice Standards

These Best Practice Standards are largely derived from a document that was developed by a UK Home Office advisory group. The group consisted of experts and practitioners from across the restorative justice (RJ) sector and criminal justice agencies.


The present version has been adapted for use in Victoria. It has been produced to meet the following range of objectives:
  • To provide participants with a detailed explanation of the kind of service they should expect from RJ Facilitators and services;
  • To enable and encourage RJ Facilitators to reflect on how they can sustain or improve the quality of their work;
  • To provide Line Managers and Case Supervisors with a resource that will enable them to reflect on how they can better support and monitor best practice;
  • To enable organisations delivering restorative justice with a set of standards by which they can monitor and assess the quality of their service-provision;
  • To provide funders with criteria by which they can evaluate existing services or proposals to implement new services;
  • To give trainers a recognised benchmark for best practice and a resource to enable them to develop courses and procedures manuals;
  • To give trainees a transparent and objective means of assessing the quality of the trainer and the course content;
  • To enable institutions providing qualifications or an accreditation scheme in RJ with a resource that will enable them to design curricula content and structure;
  • To enable researchers to design monitoring and evaluation tools that take into account the extent to which RJ Facilitators are operating in accordance with best practice standards.
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