Conference Papers

2013 Broadening Restorative Perspectives Conference June 2013 MCG Victoria, Australia

A New Beginning - Jay Jordens and David Vincent.pdf
Adversarial Justice, Pure Gold or Fools Gold - Rob Hulls.pdf
Adverse Childhood Experiences and Restorative Practices, Building Resiliency in Children - Nancy Riestenberg.ppt
Hauora Wairakei, Restorative Practice in Primary Education - Sue Williams and Mike Lynch.pdf
Maximising the Chances of Sustainability for Culture Change - Marg Thorsborne and Peta Blood.pdf
Link to Bill Hansberry and Jane Langley Presentation.docx
Make it stop, make it better - Matt Casey.pdf
Mind and Heart - Graeme George.pdf
Oral Languarge Competence and Vulnerable Adolescents - Pamela Snow.pdf
Relationship Based Pedagogy - Maurie Abraham.pdf
Restorative Justice of Dispute Cases in Saudi Arabia - Dr Saleh Dabil.pptx
Restorative Practice in Action - Lydia Chisholm and Deborah Trengove.pdf
RP following Physical restraint - Nick Burnett.pdf
Sycamore Tree Project, Victims meeting offenders in Prison - Martin Howard.ppt
The Spirit and Biology of Community - Lauren Abramson.pdf
Making Restorative Practice Explicit - David Vinegrad.pdf
Three Worlds Collide - Therese Sheedy.pdf
Truly Restorative School Culture Transformation - Adam Voigt.pptx
Undercover anti-bullying teams - Michael Williams.pdf
Working Restoratively in a Special Education Setting - Nick Burnett.pdf
Working Restoratively in a Special Education Setting - Sian Ziesing-Clark.pdf
Using Restorative Practices - July13 - Michelle Kehoe.pdf

Other Conference papers
The Australian Context – Restorative Practices as a Platform for Cultural Change in Schools Peta Blood 2005
Consistent Removal: Contributions of School Discipline to the School-Prison Pipeline

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