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The following list of trainers been accredited in accordance with VARJ's rigorous accreditation standards. 


David Moore - Primed

David works as:

  • facilitator (negotiation, mediation, workplace conferencing);
  • designer (training & conflict management systems);
  • writer (scripted scenes for live and recorded performance); &
  • academic (research & teaching).

David’s work supports individuals and organizations to communicate constructively and change adaptively.

Marg Armstrong - Just Practices

Marg Armstrong is based in Melbourne and works throughout Victoria.  She is an experienced facilitator and educator offering trainings in restorative practices and circles.

David Vinegrad - Behaviour Matters

David is located in Melbourne and works across Victoria. He is a classroom practioner providing restorative practice workshops including circles and positive behaviour management programs linking best practice with school based needs.

 Alikki Vernon - Positive Interaction

Alikki works as a consultant mediator, group conference convenor, trainer and researcher. She assists individuals and groups to resolve disputes, manage conflict and promote effective communication. She provides professional development training in restorative practices, and her areas of research have included access to justice, conflict management in family matters, in mental health governance and tribunals, and identifying effective responses to institutional and sexual abuse.


New South Wales

Peta Blood - Circle Speak

Circle Speak is based in Sydney and works throughout NSW, Australia and the Asia Pacific Region.  Peta offers a range a services in restorative practices including facilitation, training and workshops including Circle Time.

Northern Territory

Bronwyn Clee & Associates

Brownyn Clee is based in the Northern Territory and offers a range of services including coaching, training and consultancy in protective behaviours and restorative justice.


Margaret Thorsborne and Associates Margaret is based in Queensland and works throughout Australia, New Zealand and the UK.  Margaret in collaboration with Peta Blood have written several articles on the implementation of restorative practices in schools. 

South Australia

Centre for Restorative Justice
The Centre for Restorative Justice in Adelaide offers a range of workshops and trainings in restorative practices throughout SA.

Bill Hansberry
Bill divides his time between being a classroom teacher and a consultant in the areas of behaviour management & Restorative Practices.


JLD Restorative
John Lennox and Les Drelich are both former police officers who offer training and facilitation in restorative justice practices within schools, workplaces and communities in Tasmania.

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